How to Pack for a Cruise: What Should I Bring?


Going on a cruise? Congratulations! Cruising is very relaxing, and at the same time tons of fun. It’s often difficult to know what you need to pack if you’ve never taken a cruise before, so here is a list of helpful items. Check with your cruise line for specific details and restrictions.



Take these documents with you, but also make physical copies in case of emergency:

•Passport – photo page
•Medical health insurance card
•Credit card

Try to copy these documents onto one page using a scanner. Guard these copies, keep them on you while traveling, and in a room safe if available.



Print these documents. Some places accept mobile documents, but print to be safe:

•Flight tickets
•Cruise documents – any required documentation (check with you cruise line)
•Parking info & ticket – if you use offsite parking or airport parking.
•Cruise Transfer Number – if you are being picked from the airport by your cruise line.

Do not pack these items in your checked baggage, keep them with you, or in a carry-on.



Buy this stuff:

•Sunblock – because you need it.
•Motioneze – to fight motion sickness.
•Air freshener – non electric. Your room may smell like seafood. No candles allowed.
•Headache medicine
•$50 in ones per person
•Snacks – fruit snacks or things that won’t melt. Candy is expensive onboard.
•Night Light – your room may be completely dark at night, depending of your cruise line.
•Water – You’re allowed to bring water, the tap water may not be drinkable. Bottled water will cost you, so pack your own.
•Mio – water flavoring.
•Lanyard – to store you key card.
•Ear plugs – ships are loud and old, you may need these for a good nights sleep, especially if your room is above a showroom or a casino.


Self explanatory

•5 shirts
•Dress clothes – for meet the captain dinner.
•Dress shoes – because naked shoes are forbidden.
•Tennis shoes
•Flip flops
•Phone charger
•Sticky notes
•Antibacterial Wipes
•Paper towel roll – to keep the daily activity logs as souvenirs.


Here is a Youtube video of the highlights from my last cruise:

Have fun, be social, and live!!! Cruises are much more fun when you mingle with people you don’t know! Reminder: Check with your cruise line for specific details and restrictions.

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