14 Things To Stop Doing Immediately

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Maybe I know you, maybe I don’t, but the chances are high that you or someone you know could benefit from the list below. We as humans find every way possible to harm ourselves and the people around us. We wonder why life is so hard, but most of the time we are the source of our own difficulties. Whether we developed these horrible habits as defense mechanisms, or we learned them from absorbing the behaviors of others, these habits must be broken in order to have a more peaceful and enjoyable life.

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14 Things to stop doing immediately:

1. Wasting Time & Money – We often work our lives away in order to have enough money to survive. Then we take the money that we worked so hard for and spend it on things that give us temporary joy. If you’re going to spend your life working, don’t waste your money, instead be smart with your cash, make it work for you. Right now you are probably attempting to justify your irrational spending habits. Stop, just stop!

We also don’t value our own time, so we tend to spend it in ways that are not beneficial to our growth as individuals. Hesitating is one way we waste time. Sitting around waiting for something to happen… that’s worked so far, right? Exactly, that never works. Get up, get out, and be productive. Work towards goals, don’t just fly by the seat of your expensive designer pants. Also, don’t allow others to misuse your time. Time is very valuable, at least you can make more money, you can’t get back lost time.

2. Apologizing when you did nothing wrong – Oh, you’re sorry? Well, what exactly are you sorry about? If you have no specific reason to be apologizing, then you have no reason apologizing. Apologizing without reason makes absolutely no sense. If you did something wrong, by all means admit it and apologize. If you didn’t do anything wrong, why on Earth would you be sorry? That’s like pleading guilty to a crime that you didn’t commit.

3. Saying yes when no is the right answer – Do you feel the need to say always say yes? Always saying yes doesn’t make you a good person, it makes you a person with high levels of stress. Life is about choices. You have the right to say no when you disagree or have other obligations. People will not understand why you are saying no, but that is not your problem. Saying no is not rude, it’s your right. No is one of the most powerful words in the English language. Utilizing no will give you back the control that you didn’t even know you had given away.


4. Dating toxic people – Short and simple, stop dating people who you know are bad for you. You can’t change anyone, unless that person is ready to change. People don’t change for other people, people only change for themselves. Whether romantically or platonically, don’t waste your life with someone who doesn’t motivate and inspire you to reach higher.

5. Overly dramatizing life events – Is every bad thing that happens in your life “the worst thing that has ever happened to you”? If so, sit down with a glass of water and take this chill pill. Bad things happen in life, it’s inevitable, but if you think everything is the worst, life will continue to show you just how much worse things can get. If you stop and take things one day at a time, you can allow yourself to look back and see just how beautiful life is as a whole. Surely, if you look back you realize the real “worst thing ever”, taught you more, made you grow, and actually changed your life. Don’t stress out over every little thing that goes wrong, that only makes more seem wrong, when some things are actually alright.

6. Ignoring red flags – Ever made it to the end of a situation only to realize that the source of the problem was around from the very beginning? Yeah, it happens to all of us. Don’t run around being paranoid about every little thing you see. Do address the red flags when you notice them. If a pipe has a visible leak, you don’t wait until your house if flooded, you address it ASAP, even if it means a little extra work. Again, don’t jump to conclusions… address the source and ask questions.


7. Minding the business of others – There’s a difference in helping others and just being nosey. Keep your nose in your business where it belongs. You have enough going on in your life. Don’t allow someone else’s misfortunes to become your entertainment, because that’s just plain evil. Genuinely helping others is certainly acceptable, but if you find yourself judging or enjoying their pain, step away.

8. Stressing about life – Give up the stress and the worry, write out an action plan. Chances are that plan with change, that’s life. Stressing will never solve any of your problems, ever, no matter how good you are at stressing out. Replace your stress with action. Every problem has a solution. Attack the source of your problems… Beware the source of your problems could very possibly be you. If so, don’t stress out about it, acknowledge the fact and change!

9. Being impatient & negative – Find the positive things in your life and focus on making them happen more often. In life, you have to wait, but waiting doesn’t mean sitting around doing nothing. Waiting means, being patient while you work hard towards your goal. Timing is very important, so is positivity. Have positive thoughts about your goals. Set attainable goals, and be patient with yourself while working toward them.

10. Lying to yourself and others – Lies make life so much harder. When you tell the truth, that’s it. When you tell a lie, you have to keep track of the lie, until eventually you begin to believe that lie yourself. And, if lying to others isn’t bad enough, lying to yourself is the worst thing you could do. Be honest with yourself and the people you encounter.

11. Beating yourself up over past mistakes – So what! You’ve made a few major mistakes in life… WHO HASN’T? Take those mistakes and learn from them. Help others to not make the same mistakes that you made. Don’t beat yourself down for the things you did in the past, learn from those experiences and move on. Don’t dwell on the past, look toward the future and create a better existence for yourself.


12. Limiting yourself & others – Don’t allow your fear to limit your success. Even more, don’t allow your fear to stop someone else from succeeding. You can do anything that you allow yourself to do. Look at all the times you succeeded in life, I bet you were nervous, BUT YOU DID IT! Set out to overcome every fear you have. Not only will it help you realize that fear is irrelevant, but you may also inspire someone else to overcome a fear of their own.

13. Ignoring your purpose & passion – If you feel in your heart that you are meant to do something, why are you not pursuing that thing. There are so many ways to fulfill you purpose. If you feel you were meant to teach, you don’t necessarily have to be a school teacher. In this day and age, there are so many ways to put your passions to work. Use your brain, get creative, share your findings. Who knows… You could very well change the world.

14. Making excuses – If you’re wrong, admit it. If things don’t work out, it’s okay. Don’t worry about who’s to blame, just work towards the solution. Excuses are about as useful as fear.

The behaviors listed above can really destroy the simplicity in your life. Just imagine how much more enjoyable life could be if you shake these useless habits and start focusing on what truly matters. Maybe you have your life together and you have a friend who could benefit from this advice, if so, share this post… you may help them take the first step towards a happier life. 

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