15 Lessons That Life Has Taught Me

Looking back on my life, it hasn’t been too hard or too easy. I’ve had very good times and very bad times, but I’ve learned many lessons along the way. Some lessons I didn’t understand until years later, others I grasped immediately. Being that I’m still a young man, I don’t claim to know it all, but I do know that life is all about learning. Even when you’re not in the mood to learn, life will continue to teach…



1. Life is shortCherish your loved ones, they don’t last forever.

2. Patience is keyGreat things take time.. chill out. work hard. it’ll happen.

3. Happiness is importantWe spend our lives looking for something we already have.

4. Success is subjectiveYour success in not the same as my success.

5. Money doesn’t equal happiness, but it helpsMoney is a tool.


6. Relationships are EVERYTHINGBuild meaningful relationships, they matter.

7. Work hard, but make time for funDon’t allow yourself to work your life away.

8. It’s okay to say NoIt is perfectly ok to say “NO”. 

9. A positive mindset is necessaryPositivity changes outcomes.

10. Helping others is therapeuticHelping others helps you.IMG_20140118_144256

11. Material things can be replaced – Get rid of the excess.

12. Laughter is healthy Laugh as often as possible.

13. Be adventurous – Go somewhere new, do something crazy.

14. Find & stand for your passionBe passionate about something.

15. Share your experiencesBecause you could help someone.

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