#Selfdate: How To Let Love Find You

JWPMISC-6 copyAre you tired of being single? Have you tried everything you are comfortable trying in order to find love? If so, this one is for you! There are millions of single men and women searching for someone to love them, but the truth is they focus so much on finding love that they lose themselves. Today, I challenge you to change courses and focus on loving yourself… #SelfDate

1. Know Yourself – Put your endless search for a partner on pause and learn  about you. The goal is to find out what you like, what you don’t like, and what you bring to the table. This involves being brutally honest with yourself. If you feel that you are lacking in people skills, go out and be around people. Knowing yourself also involves many hours of alone time. It’s okay to be by yourself, in fact after a while you will treasure your alone time more than any other. Uncover your passion. Spend time doing the things you are most passionate about. There are few things more attractive than passion and ambition, but finding your passion may take time, so be patient with your journey.


2. Be Adventurous – If you’re looking for love, you can’t find it sitting in the house, the same concept applies to #SelfDate. You can’t find out what you love about yourself, if your only activity is Netflix marathons. You have to get out there and put yourself to the test. It’s acceptable to go out with friends and try new things, but the true test is your ability to go and try new things by yourself. It’s a freeing experience, one you do not want to cheat yourself out of. When you see things you want to do, try your best to make a note, and make it happen!

3. Understand Happiness – The most difficult part of understanding happiness is coming to terms with the fact that your happiness is your own responsible. To make things a bit clearer, NO ONE ELSE CAN MAKE YOU HAPPY, only you can prevent forest fires… You are the only being that possesses the power to control your happiness. If you’re waiting for someone else to make you happy, be prepared to wait until the end of time. It’s one thing to allow someone to contribute to your happiness, it’s another to give someone the ability to control your happiness. Go out, explore the world, you’ll find happiness like you could never imagine.


4. Don’t Post Everything – Whether you’re out exploring the world or sitting on your couch, it’s best not to post every single thing that comes to mind. Some photos, thoughts, ideas, adventures, and memories are just for you. Posts complaining about being single are counterproductive. Instead, go do something fun and new, take 10 photos while there, post 1 to 3 photos from your exploration. That will make you feel and look much better than complaining about single life. Posting too much kills the mystery. Who needs to hang out with you if they already know your every move. While we’re talking about posting… Don’t allow yourself to spend endless amounts of time on social media, give yourself a limit. The goal is to be social, not to be on social media.

#SelfDate: How To Let Love Find You

There are so many ways to participate in #SelfDate, even if you cook yourself dinner and watch Law & Order SVU… #SelfDate is about knowing, loving, and understanding yourself, because you can’t teach someone else how to love you, if you don’t love you first. #SelfDate  allows you to be a better potential date for someone else, because it helps you build confidence in yourself. “Confident, Adventurous, Happy, & Mysterious”… wouldn’t you want to date someone who fit that description??


Where Do People Find Love These Days?

Just for fun, I asked people on Facebook how they found the love of there life, here are some of the responses:

1. Work
2. Plenty of Fish
3. Church
4. School
5. The Gym
6. Mutual Friends
7. Randomly, it just happened
8. High School Sweethearts
9. The Park
10. Other Online Dating
(This list is in no specific order.)

My best advice: Live a fun & active life, and it is inevitable that someone who is living a similar life will come along, then the next thing you know… Your dates don’t  have #Self in front of them anymore! Until then… Go explore! Go find new things! Go be happy with yourself! Don’t overpost! Be positive! Be patient! Remember, “Confident, Adventurous, Happy, & Mysterious”… #SelfDate



Here is a recap of a 4-Day #SelfDate.. A solo cruise to Mexico, ENJOY!

Here is the song from the video: “Making Sense” by @Thisisfoure

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