How To Avoid Success In Your Life


How To Avoid Success In Life

● Complain about EVERYTHING!
● Over exaggerate the negative things
● Overlook the small positive things
● Be closed minded
● Don’t address your issues
● Oppose all change
● Envy “successful” people
● Chase money
● Spend more money than you make
● Hang out with broke people
● Stay at a job you hate
● Hang out with miserable people
● Be afraid of the unknown
● Doubt yourself at all costs
● Avoid plans and structure
● Compare your life to others


Are you guilty of any of these horrible habits? Many people don’t notice how harmful these negative behaviors are to their success. By simply addressing and adjusting these habits, you could start to have more successful days in your life. Positivity is a powerful tool. Give it a try! Think positive thoughts. Invest positive actions into the world and your life.

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