#BadLifeAdvice: Fake It ‘Til You Make It

The other day, while sitting in a crowded food court at the mall, I overheard a small portion of a conversation between two professionally dressed men. I wasn’t listen very closely, but it seems that one guy was asking the other for advice on surviving in an unfamiliar workplace. The older gentleman offered some quick assistance by way of the phrase “fake it ’til you make it”… I immediately started thinking about what it truly means to fake it ’til you make it. How does that affect you? How does that affect the people around you? What can one do rather than faking it? So many questions came to mind… Let’s dig a little futher into faking success. image Fake = Forged, Counterfeited, & Deceptive.

Just from the definition alone I’d stray away from faking anything. Faking is basically a different way of saying lying. When someone tells you to fake it til you make it, they are basically telling you to lie to yourself and others. If that person is an advocate of faking it, how can you even trust anything they tell you? You can’t! Find a new mentor with better advice!

Who Fakes It?

• People who aren’t willing to dedicate time learning and working hard.

• People who are more concerned with looking the part than learning the role.

• People who are caught up in what other people may think of them.

• People that don’t believe they will ever actually make it to the point they are faking to have already arrived.

Who Doesn’t Fake It?

• Educated People

• Confident People

• Happy People

• Successful People

• Potentially Wealthy People image How Does Faking Affect The Faker?

• Teaches you false confidence

• Makes you a liar

• Drains your bank account

• Takes up all of your time

• Destroys genuine relationships

• Potentially makes you hate who you really are

A fake person cannot be trusted. They can’t even trust themselves. Maintaining a facade is much harder than actually learning how to actually become what you want to be. If you can’t afford it don’t buy it. If you don’t know the answer, ask for help. If you don’t like something, speak up. If nothing changes, leave. Faking is never the answer… No matter if you’re faking happiness, success, knowledge, love, etc.. NONE OF THAT IS ANY GOOD FAKED! There’s no need to go around faking things. You can’t help anyone by being a fake version of yourself. All you’re really doing is creating more room for self hatred down the road.

Alternatives To Faking It

• Learn It!

• Understand it!

• Research it.

• Practice it!

• Save for it.

• Work for it.

• Just don’t fake it… image Knowledge is key. Learn about where you want to be. Understand what it takes to get there, and map out clear steps. Be patient and positive with yourself… Things take time. Focus being a high quality version of whatever it is you want to be, don’t settle for being a counterfeit photocopied version with a forged signature.

*Quick Thought: The fastest way to ruin your chances of becoming something is by acting like you’re already it before you’ve earned your turn. ….think about that!

Instead of faking it til you make it, slow down and take the time and learn how to get where you want to be in life. Stray away from the fakers, because you’ll never be able to know when they are faking you. People who fake it never really know if they made it or not, because they faked it so long that they can’t tell the difference. image In all honesty, If you actually want to make it, You Cant Afford To Fake It!

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