#NoteToSelf: Life Is Good

From this point on, I’m going to start living for me. I’m going to define my own happiness. I refuse to let the negative things in life outshine the positivity of simply being alive. I’ve had some very difficult times in life, and I’m making the decision to learn from those times. When something “bad” happens to me, I’ll learn and laugh. When I’m no longer supposed to smile or laugh, I’ll die. I’m going to be a symbol of positivity for the people who encounter me. I will help people that I want to help, just because I know that helping people makes me happy. I will respect myself. I will do great things. I will inpsire others to aspire….

That’s what I said to myself about 4 years ago.

Life is good!

Positivity is a choice.


Thanks for reading
– thisisfoure.com

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