Us Starts With You

The Internet is full of articles and videos about how to find Mr. or Mrs. Right. As a society, we get so lost in the idea of finding the perfect person that we forget about ourselves. 

Surely you have that friend that goes from one love interest to another, without taking the proper time to regroup after a heartbreak. Maybe you have that friend that says they can’t find good people to date, but they only spend time in bars or behind a phone screen. While those are all ways to meet new people, maybe they aren’t the best avenues to find long lasting love.

Instead of spending so much timing worrying about finding the right person, spend more time focusing on being the right person. Become who you want to be in life. Get to the point where you love the life you are living, and love will find you. 

A person who is enjoying life is attractive. A person who has goals and ambitions is attractive. A person who has financial freedom is attractive. Instead of looking for that person, become that person, and love is more likely to come your way.

If you absolutely insist of focusing on love, focus on loving yourself. Find your passions, and be proactive about being involved in things that make you happy. Get so busy discovering who you are that you forget about searching for love. 

Practice the art of positive thinking, be patient with yourself.. 


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